Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Yoshi Switch Trailer, My Thoughts

The Nintendo Switch has a ton of games coming for it in the next couple of years, and 2018 is going to see the Switch debut of a certain green dinosaur. That's right, Yoshi is going to have an epic new adventure on the Switch! And here's the trailer!

The trailer starts with what looks like a building and city street that looks like it was made of paper. That's some amazing papercrafting there. I wonder who made it? Anyway, the scene has a sign that says "There Are Two Sides To Every Story"...

and FLIP! The scene flips over, the sign's other side saying "And Every Stage". And I think we just got shown this game's main mechanic.

At first, I thought Yoshi looked like he did in Wooly World, the whole yarn thing. But on closer inspection, I'm not sure what he looks like he's made up here. Can't be clay, can it? Not kids' modeling clay, like Play-Doh or anything.

I love the look of this world. Everything looks like it was made of cardboard, straws, basically craft stuff. It's so bright and cute. I love the part where Yoshi rampages with the dinosaur skull on his head.

I can see some interesting uses for using the "flip-the-stage" mechanic. One is obviously for hiding secrets, but I can also see it being used in clever ways to get around certain obstacles and finding weaknesses in bosses.

We do get to see what looks maybe like a boss: a purple dragon-snake-train. Purple Dragon-Snake-Train is pretty cool. I love the ground in that scene. It's like a little kid drew some train tracks.

This was a very cute trailer, with some very nice music. I think this game will be a lot of fun once it gets released.

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