Friday, July 28, 2017

Inhumans SDCC Trailer, My Thoughts

The Inhumans TV series got itself a new trailer that premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con! And here it is for all of you to enjoy!

The trailer begins with Triton meeting an Inhuman with yellow eyes. He tells her that there is a place for her and fellow Inhumans. Based on this and what we have seen in the previous trailer, Triton must be trying to rescue this young lady.

The Inhuman city of Attilan and Inhumans running around on Earth makes for an interesting concept. What if you suddenly found yourself with strange powers and abilities? What if those abilities caused you to be looked at with fear and suspicion? And what if there was a place where there were other people like you? But unlike the X-Men, who only have a was a city? An ancient city that holds a thriving civilization?! That's the interesting thing about the Inhumans in the MCU. They have a refuge and don't even know it.

We do get a brief scene of Maximus about to preach to a group of Inhumans that most likely did not get Terrigenesis. We also see a Moon Rover on the Moon.

Maximus does raise a good point. Attilan will be discovered at one point. If human technology keeps advancing, they may spot it on the moon at some point. Whether it's on a telescope or with a manned flight, it will be found.

Gorgon collects rovers. NASA is going to be so mad at you, man.

Triton does raise another good point. We've seen how humanity reacts to Inhumans in Agents of SHIELD. Could you imagine how they'd react to the idea of a city full of them? A city full of superhuman beings. And if such a population could easily become an army...that's some scary stuff.

We do next see Maximus talking about how the Inhumans need to get to Earth now, talking of "striking first". It seems Maximus may have darker plans for the Inhumans' return to Earth. Medusa points out it would lead to war. She could be right about that.

I'm getting the idea that Maximus is starting an armed insurrection, a coup against his family. Maybe this could lead to his going crazy. After all, Maximus is called "The Mad" in the comics. I haven't seen any hint of using his mind-control powers from the comics. Maybe he never underwent Terrigenesis yet.

I don't get why people are so angry about the CGI Medusa's hair. It looks fine to me. Oh wait, Medusa's an Inhuman. I did like her seeing using it on Maximus.

I also really liked the choice of song for the trailer, "Human" by Rag 'n' Bone Man. I do like the symbolism of it. The Inhuman Royal Family have the powers of gods, but are still only human, warts and all.

I enjoyed this trailer. It was action-packed, we got to see more of the Inhumans, and it was exciting. Can't wait to see this show!

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