Thursday, October 19, 2017

Black Panther Trailer #2, My Thoughts

The Black Panther's solo film is coming up fast, and it's got a whole new trailer! Let's take a looksee!

The new trailer begins with what looks like Everett Ross talking about the Avengers...without saying their names, just being oblique. Seriously, is there fear of legal issues or something? Or does Ross think he sounds cool? Anyway, Ross wants to know what else Black Panther is hiding.

He's hiding this. Wakanda looks so cool.

I love the little sibling moment between Shuri and T'Challa. Also, I notice two BP suits there. One is a bit slimmer than the other. know, Shuri has spent time as the Panther in the comics. Maybe that slimmer suit is for her?

Black Panther never freezes. He's too busy being awesome to freeze.

Erik Killmonger looks kind of funny in his disguise in My guess is he wants Wakanda to stay isolated from the outside world.

HOLY TOLEDO, KILLMONGER HAS HIS OWN BLACK PANTHER SUIT. Makes sense, he defeated T'Challa to get the mantle of Black Panther and used it for a while in the comics.

T'Challa, that's not how you ride cars.

I have to admit, I was a bit surprised by the new arm Klaue gets. I was kind of hoping it would look more like the comics, with the satellite dish in the end. But hey, it works for the movie.

I think we can safely assume that that hubcap deserved what T'Challa did to it.

This movie looks so cool! I can't wait for it!

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