Monday, October 16, 2017

Street Fighter V Zeku Reveal Trailer, My Thoughts

Another brand new character has made his debut in Street Fighter V! And this one is not only connected to another character, but he's an homage to a classic Capcom game. Say hello to the 38th Master of the Bushinryu, the man who taught Guy all he knows. Give a warm welcome to Zeku!

The trailer begins with Ibuki in her schoolgirl ninja outfit getting ready to fight. And the man himself arrives, using a carpet like Mario uses a cape in Super Mario World.

Yup, and he's saying it's time to party! His theme music definitely has that party mood, mixing the funky jazz with traditional Japanese instruments. I have read that it's also an homage to Guy's Street Fighter music, which does make thematic sense. Zeku was Guy's sensei, after all. I do like his general look, including the 1970s anime-styled Hot-Blooded Sideburns. Yeah, he is a bit...colorful for a ninja, but this a game universe that has cyborgs, genetically enhanced super-soldiers, and the like. I'm honestly wondering if we'll get an extraterrestrial in the cast soon.

As for the classic game homage, well...Zeku has a rather unique ability in the series. He can switch to a younger form of himself. I have no idea how that works. But look at the costume his younger self is wearing. Seems...familiar, doesn't it? Yup. It's an homage to Strider. In fact, I have heard that it's implied that Zeku goes on to create the Striders.

It's interesting seeing Capcom make subtle crossovers and tying together their franchises like this. Yeah, characters from Street Fighter and Final Fight have crossed over all the time, but involving another franchise? It's interesting to see. Yeah, I wouldn't count the Capcom crossover fighting games like the Marvel vs. Capcom series as part of Capcom's "canon".

I do have many questions about the whole "switching to a younger form" thing. How exactly does that work? Is it a clone or time travel? If he has a younger form, why not just stay in it? Yeah, I get some of the other unique mechanics in this game, but this one is weird.

Zeku seems like a pretty cool looking character. I wonder if we'll get a "Season Three" of DLC characters? And if so, who's next? Will some old favorites return? Will we get more new characters? Let's see what the future holds...

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