Monday, October 9, 2017

Runaways Trailer, My Thoughts

When you're a teenager, life can seem worse than it actually is. And every teenager has had conflict with their parents at some point. Sometimes, the parents feel that the kids are too stubborn for their own good. And sometimes, the teenager feels the parents are an evil force out to ruin their lives because reasons. Well, for six teenagers...their parents are an evil force. And when they discover this, the only thing they can run. Run run run run run-runaway...apologies to Del Shannon.

The Runaways, debuting in 2003 under the pen of Brian K. Vaughan and the pencils of Adrian Alphona, have become a rather popular group of characters. The group has survived death, betrayal, romance, and the perils of living on the streets in a superhero universe. Last month, YA novelist Rainbow Rowell and artist Kris Anka relaunched the series, reuniting much of the original members.

In February 2017, filming started on a television series adaptation of the comic. And's coming to Hulu. And here's the trailer!

The trailer begins with what looks like Alex Wilder looking at a photo of his friends on a phone. His father is telling him no one will know him they way his friends know him again. Considering Alex Wilder's fate in the comics, I can't help but think it might be a bit of foreshadowing...

We next see Alex opening the door to his friends...and their parents getting ready for a ceremony of sorts. Yeah, spoilers if you haven't read the comics, the Runaways' parents are part of an evil occult group known as the Pride. The Runaways witness them sacrifice a girl as part of a ritual, and run away.

And it appears that it will stick to the comic when it comes to the origin of the Runaways here. There's not much else to say about the trailer, really. It's really just a bunch of random scenes all set to music. We do get a brief glimpse of Lucy in the Sky showing her alien nature, that's neat.

It's an interesting trailer, and it does cover the basics of the Runaways' origin. I am kind of sad that it's not going to be on Netflix. I think it would be a surprising fit alongside the other Netflix Marvel shows. I also wonder if this series will be set in Los Angeles, like the comic was. I also wonder how they're going to adapt in Leapfrog, Old Lace, and even Klara Prast. People whine about the Inhumans, I can bet they'll find some way to complain about those.

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