Thursday, November 2, 2017

Meet Team Rainbow Rocket Trailer, My Thoughts

Giovanni is back! Yup, the notorious boss of Team Rocket from way back in Gen 1 of the Pokémon series is making a big comeback, and he's forming a new team! Here's the new trailer!

Giovanni's got a new team ready to steal your beloved Pokémon! And it's called Team Rainbow Rocket! I do have to there a connection between this new team and Team Skull? Team Skull seemed to be like a bunch of ineffectual layabouts who wanted to be Team Rocket. Maybe Giovanni found them and whipped them into shape, so to speak?

It seems that he's also packing a Mewtwo for battle. I doubt that's the original Mewtwo. Maybe it's a new one? Mewtwo is an artificial Pokémon, after all. On another note, it is really cool to see Giovanni back. It does appear Ultra Sun and Moon will be doing more to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, even though it was last year.

Oh, you can battle villains of previous games? That is awesome! I love this idea! I'm sure it'll being back many memories for many Pokémon veterans like myself.

The Battle Agency, huh? I like that you could win some rare items from doing it. I wonder how it works...

Ultra Sun and Moon is taking on the collectathon aspect with the Alola stickers. I wonder if the large totem Pokémon will be more powerful than their regular counterparts. That would be a great incentive to collect these stickers and just have some Pokémon that happen to be bigger than normal.

It seems that in the world of the Ultra Wormholes, you can also encounter previous legendary Pokémon from previous Gens. That's really cool. I can imagine they'll be quite a challenge to catch. I'd love to have a Zapdos on my team in Alola. I had one in Red back in the day, and he helped me win the Pokémon League. Zapdos is awesome. Zapdos is the best legendary bird. Articuno's cool, too. But Zapdos is better.

Well, this is awesome. Ultra Sun and Moon sound like they will be great...updates? Sequels? Whatever. Can't wait to play them!

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