Sunday, December 10, 2017

Mega Man 30th Anniversary Trailer, My Thoughts!

Mega Man. The Blue Bomber. This year, he's turning the big 3-0. Yup, his first game came to the NES (The Famicom in Japan) in December 1987. Over the next three years, Mega Man would become one of Capcom's most beloved franchises. It would spawn sequels, a cartoon series by Ruby-Spears, and even a comic series from Archie, which I reviewed the first issue of here. It was a really good series, I miss it so much. Maybe I should do a retrospective on it or something. Anyway, for my first blog entry back from Texas (I'm an uncle! Yay!), Capcom's got something very special for the occasion. Let's take a look.

As the trailer says, we're taking a look at Mega Man through the ages. I really love the music, and I also thought the presentation was awesome, using NES sprites to take Mega Man on his journey. I think some of the art we see is from the Famicom releases, as the NES versions didn't have that artwork on them.

I do have to admit, I haven't played much of the Mega Man series, but I always did like the concept of Mega Man getting the weapons of the bosses he beats. I'm surprised that hasn't been seen in more games. I'd love to see an RPG's take on the concept.

The trailer seems to focus on the main Mega Man series. It does include dates of the various spin-offs like the X series, the Legends series, and the Battle Network series, but it does definitely focus on the main series. That makes sense. One could argue those versions of Mega Man are technically different characters.

Another thing I love about this trailer is showing how Mega Man has evolved over time, going from the 8-bit NES, 16-bit SNES, to today. I's quite fascinating to see. And it's also a bit of a reminder of how old I am, ha ha.

Mega Man reaches Wily, and makes him surrender by...absorbing the Mega Man 30th Anniversary logo. Huh. Despite this...absolute lack of doing anything by the Blue Bomber, Wily escapes. Mega transports into a hidden room, where a special surprise is waiting...

YesMega Man 11 is coming next year! And I have to admit, I like the look of the game. It's been updated with a new look: 3D sprites, but with the classic platforming jump-and-shoot action. I like it. It also appears Rush will play a support role in the game. Maybe we'll get some new forms for him. I think we also got a look at one of the Robot Master weapons Mega Man will get in the game. I can imagine that weapon being rather...wasteful in some ways.

I have to admit, this was a nice surprise. This game is coming to the Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC next year, so there are plenty of ways to play it. Looks like ANOTHER game to add to my future Switch library... 

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