Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pokemon Crystal 3DS Announcement, My Thoughts

Over the last couple of years, several of the older games from the Pokémon franchise have found their way to the Virtual Console, like the original Red and Blue, as well as Gold and Silver. Personally, I think they should have put out the remakes of Red and Blue, as I think they are improved versions of the originals, and the DS does have remakes of Gold and Silver available. Anyway, another game is coming to the 3DS's Virtual Console service: Pokémon Crystal!

Originally released for the Game Boy Color in 2000, Pokémon Crystal was the first Pokémon game developed solely for the original Game Boy's successor handheld, and it was the first Pokémon game in which the player could choose the gender of their player character.

I have to admit, I never played Crystal. Never owned a GBC, just went straight to the Game Boy advance and Ruby/Sapphire. So, I'd love to give this a shot.

Interesting that the game promises a shot at capturing the Legendary Pokémon called Celebi. You see, Celebi was a Pokémon that could only be obtained in a event. Otherwise, you'd have to hack the game. I'm hoping they included a way to obtain it in a manner.

I like that this game is also going to be compatible with Pokémon Bank. It means that Pokémon caught here can be brought up to later games like X, Y, and Sun and Moon. Awesome! I could bring a Cyndaquil to Alola! Now if only they can make Bank compatible with Black and White, and Diamond and Pearl, we can really get down to business! Gens 4 and 5 get neglected by the Bank!

This is a neat announcement. I think I may give this game a play...

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