Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017, A Look Back

2017 has been an insane year. It's been great, and it's been rough. For me, it's been a fun year for blogging. As such, I thought I'd get to talk about some of my favorite blog entries to write this year.

Squadron Supreme Reviews - Over the year, I looked at one issue of this forgotten 1980s miniseries every month. It was the biggest thing I ever did over the three years I did this blog. And you'll find those issue reviews here: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve. There's also a bonus tie in: Captain America #314 (February 1986). I just may do this again in 2018, I don't know. But if I do, I know the perfect mini-series to do it with...

Third Anniversary - This year celebrated my blog's third birthday. I can't believe I've been writing it for this long. Where did the time go? Still, it was a fun three years, and I hope my readers continue on with enjoying my silliness on here.

Superman Annual #1 (1987) - This was actually one of my favorite comic reviews to write. I'm a huge fan of the DC Animated Universe, and this story brought memories of Superman: The Animated Series back to me. Yes, it's a dark story, but it's one of my favorites of the late-80s Superman mythos.

The Last Jedi Trailer, My Thoughts - This one I am rather proud of because it was one of the few times I was actually rather timely with these things. I wrote it the day it first came out, and I wish I could be that timely on the regular.

My 300th Post - This one literally came out of nowhere. I didn't realize that I was coming close to that amount of posts at the time I wrote this. I didn't have anything special planned. So, I just slapped this together. But I am glad I did. I was amazed how far I came.

Son of Satan #1 (December 1975) - A special little review I did for Halloween, it was a peek into the darker side of the Marvel Universe, the title character being a man driven by his desire to do good and his heritage of evil.

Silver Surfer #54 (Early September 1991) - A little something I'd call attention to with Infinity War coming up. Maybe I'll take a look at the Infinity Gauntlet storyline itself at some point next year, with the movie coming.

Guardians Inferno Music Video - This is just a fun music video I wanted to call attention to.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review - This was the MCU film that has become one of my favorites, right alongside Captain America: The First Avenger. Spider-Man is one of, if not, my absolute favorite superhero, and seeing him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a joyful experience. It was the first time we saw Spider-Man in live action in a world where other superheroes exist alongside him, and it was neat seeing him interact with another superhero in a movie. It's a great film, I love it.

Uncanny X-Men #143 (March 1981) - I admit, I am cheating on this one, as I put it up yesterday. It was something I wanted to write for the holiday season, and this was my gift. It was a bit late, I am sorry for that. But I hope you all enjoy it.

So, what're my plans for this blog in the future? Well, write more of my thoughts on various comics, games, and movies. Also, I do want to write more "editorial"-style stuff like I did with my thoughts on the then-upcoming X-Men vs. Inhumans storyline back in the day. That's something that I'd like to do. And once I get a new TV, I can do more movie reviews. And that's pretty much it, really. I hope you enjoyed my output for this year, and continue to do so next year. Thank you very much, and I hope your 2018 is awesome.

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