Friday, January 5, 2018

ARMS Dr. Coyle Trailer, My Thoughts

Having got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, I have been wanting to build a library of games for it. I do have some I want to play, and one of them is ARMS. It's a rather unique take on fighting games, having players fight with characters that had extendable arms that can have various weapons and modifications on them. Various characters have been created for this game, and one of them is the mad scientist Dr. Coyle! Here's her trailer!

First, I have to say, Dr. Coyle. Get it? Coyle? Coil? Because the fighters' arms are like springs? Eh, never mind.

I love her lab. It really gives the impression that she has a brilliant, yet chaotic mind. I also like the design of Coyle herself. It's rather reminiscient of 1970s/80s glam rockers a bit. The paint on her face does resemble a mask, also giving her that supervillain vibe. Her music is cool, too.

I like that she seems to have gadgets on her arms. Helps show the mad scientist character. She probably built those toys herself. The shock thing is pretty cool. And can one of her ARMS attachments shoot lava meatballs? What are those?

She got nunchucks! I take it she's Bruce Lee fan.

She also appears to have limited teleportation. I can imagine she would be a good fighter for those who like hit-and-run tactics. Basically, hit hard, and make yourself hard to hit.

She looks really cool. Shame that I think she's the last character they're going to add. I was kind of hoping we'd get some crossover silliness. Little Mac from the Punch-Out series would have been a perfect guest character. Ah, well. Now, to get a copy of ARMS, and then get my Switch to connect to the friggin' Internet...

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