Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kirby Battle Royale Launch Trailer, My Thoughts

The newest game in the long-running Kirby series is out! I'm talking about Kirby Battle Royale, which is an unusual departure for the series. Traditionally a series of platformers, this one is going to be a brawler. And here's the trailer for it!

The trailer begins with something falling on a napping Sword Kirby. Sword Kirby was having a very long day. Slashing through King Dedede's forces like a thresher through wheat is very tiring work. Evidently, the object was revealed to be some sort of invitation for cake. Naturally, the thought of delicious cake is enough to wake up everyone' favorite pink puffball, and he's ready to get himself some cake!

Turns out getting that cake is not going to be easy. King Dedede has a new gadget called a Kirby Printer, which he uses to...clone Kirby. How does that work, exactly? Did Dedede get a DNA sample of Kirby?

Anyway, it turns out that Dedede as the cake, and as part of the game's Story Mode, Kirby's got to fight his way through clones to get the cake. Yup.

The silliness of Story Mode not withstanding, the real attraction of the game is the various forms of facing your opponents Kirby can do in the game. All these game modes are a good idea for keeping people playing the game, and hopefully there's be a nice incentive to get people to try the various other forms of battle.

It's also pretty awesome that Kirby can use some of his Copy Abilities in the game. It's great to see Sword and Fighter, as well as Parasol and Hammer. One of my favorites is Beetle. Kirby just grabbing and tossing everyone around is awesome.

And of course it has multiplayer. Would be kind of silly if this game didn't have that feature.

This sounds...rather fun. I hope it does well. It seems like a good way to kill a few minutes with some friends.

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