Sunday, April 15, 2018

Double Cross Announcement Trailer, My Thoughts

If there is one thing that Nintendo is known for, it's platformers. Heck, Nintendo helped save the video game industry with a platformer. So, it's rather appropriate that this little indie game I found coming to the Switch is a platformer. Say hello to Double Cross, the latest game from the team behind Runbow!

RIFT has to stand for something. And based on what I see here, they are essentially like SHIELD for the Multiverse. And I wonder why this game is called Double Cross?

I take it Zahra Sinclair is our player character. I like her, she looks adorable.

I wonder if she got that Grapple Beam from Samus Aran. Brings back memories of Metroid Prime.

I do like the art style of the game. So bright and colorful. Music isn't half-bad either.

I take it these other characters will help you investigate things and power Zahra up in some way. Heh heh, Sam Squatch. Get it?

And we have our villains. Neat. I'm guessing they'll be out to conquer the Multiverse, that sort of thing.

This game looks like it will be a bit of fun. I'll give the demo a try once one comes out.

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