Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wild Guns Reloaded Switch Launch Trailer, My Thoughts

Wild Guns. Originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1994, this shooting gallery game from Natsume is considered one of the Super Nintendo library's greatest hidden gems. Set in the Wild West with some aspects of steampunk and science-fiction, the game follows the adventures of the venegeance-seeker Annie, who teams up with the bounty hunter Clint to take down the bad men who killed Annie's family. Basically, your standard Western revenge story...with robots.

In 2016, the game was given a remaster: Wild Guns Reloaded. An enhanced remake of the game, it added new levels and two new characters: Doris, a grenade-throwing cyborg and Bullet, a dog with a mech/drone. This version was released originally as an exclusive for the PlayStation 4. The madness of Wild Guns would not stay restrained to one console, though. In 2017, Reloaded hit the PC, Natsume's first PC release. And now in 2018, it's come to the Switch. And here's the launch trailer!

I love the remix of the Boss theme. It never fails to make me bang my head. I also do like that they kept the original 16-bit graphic style. No need to make it 2.5D here with a more "realistic" palette, folks. It knows it's from the 90s, and it is not ashamed. It has no reason to be.

This trailer really isn't much, just gameplay footage. But it is glorious gameplay footage.

When this game was first announced, I remember being saddened this game was seemingly PS4-exclusive. I wondered why it was this way, considering the original Wild Guns was on a Nintendo console. But now, that's no longer a problem. I am so happy it's able to come to the Switch. Having two new exclusive game modes is a very nice bonus, too! I can't wait to play this on the go!

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