Sunday, April 8, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer, My Thoughts

The Star Wars movie train is rolling along! Last month, I looked at the teaser trailer for Han Solo's...well, solo prequel movie, and now the full trailer is out! Let's take a look!

The trailer begins with a shot of the sky. The guitar twanging gives it a very Western feel. It's appropriate, as Westerns inspired Han Solo.

That shot of Han and his blaster is totally from a Western. Ten parsecs and draw, pilgrim.

O hai, Lando. Hustling, I see. I wonder if he ends up winning the job of Cloud City administrator in a poker game. Knowing Lando, he probably did.

Kind of weird seeing Emilia Clarke without the white hair, blue dress, and in a setting that has actual technology.

Seeing the people walking in the desert with waht looks like suitcases makes me think of Spaceballs for some reason.

So, Han's joining a criminal crew as a getaway driver, huh? I wonder if this film will explain the Kessel Run. And Woody Harrelson is awesome.

What happened to Paul Bettany's face?

Man, the Millennium Falcon looks so different without the decades of grime and jerry-rigged repairs.

Heh heh, Star Wars homaging The Great Train Robbery. Awesome. This film is supposed to be a "space Western", after all.

Wait, that Wookiee that Chewbacca is with. That would be so hilarious if that was revealed to be Mallatobuck. You know, his wife from the infamous Holiday Special.

Chewbacca's 190? Han is right, Chewy doesn't look a day over 88. What's his secret? I'm guessing pushups, situps, and plenty of juice.

Oh, man! This movie looks like it'll be a ton of fun! I want to see this!

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