Saturday, March 31, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story Teaser, My Thoughts

The Star Wars universe is expanding! During the Super Bowl, we got a teaser for the latest side-story Star Wars film, Solo, focusing on a certain Corellian space smuggler. A longer teaser has come out, but I haven't really gotten to it until now. So, let's take a look!

Like the original Big Game teaser, it starts with a man flicking switches. I think that's the same footage.

So, Han Solo has been on his won since the age of 10? No wonder he turned out the way he did.

Boy, many years later, if that flight academy was an Empire one, they are going to kick themselves when they realize what this led to. You know, him clearing the way for Luke to fire the torpedoes that blew up the first Death Star? Yeah.

Boy, it's weird seeing the Millennium Falcon not looking...grimy.

Liking the flashes of Han's crew. I'm guessing Woody Harrelson's character is the one that gets Han into the wild world of space smuggling.

Something very Western about that shot of the gun's holster being opened. Appropriate if it's Han doing it, as I think the character was inspired by Westerns.

Yeah, they're fine, they're fine THEY ARE NOT FINE.

This sounds like it will be rather fun. I like that the films are expanding and exploring backstories and filling in some gaps in the timeline. It's neat to see how Han got to be the cynical smuggler he started out as in the original trilogy.

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