Sunday, March 18, 2018

Text Play: Pokemon Mega Adventure #3

Welcome to the third entry in my Text Play series of the Pokémon fan game Pokémon Mega Adventure!

Last time, we arrived at Anomi Town. So, let's explore it!

One of the first things I saw here was a police officer wandering around the town. Yeah, an actual police officer. I couldn't believe it, either. He's a pretty dedicated one, too. He gets a bit snippy when you talk to him. He doesn't like to be bothered when he's patrolling.

One of the houses here is rather distinct.

It houses Red and Green. Yeah, Red and Green from Generation One. The original Pokémon games. The Snorlax there is from Red's Champion team. I'm assuming the Poliwrath is probably Green's. I looked her up on Bulbapedia, and she never had a Poliwrath in the manga, so who knows? Maybe creators just liked Poliwrath. I talked to the NPC in that image, and he said they both belonged to Red.

I decided to go inside the house, and...they were not home. Nope. They had a housekeeper, a nice old lady, and she told me they were out. I wonder where they went, considering that in the house, there are Pokéballs containing Red's Venusaur and Green's Charizard. Wherever they're going, they likely do not have their Pokémon with them.

Anomi Town does not have a lot to do. There is a funny thing, though. The shop here is more like an open air market. There are two of these tent-like things there. Funny enough, one of them says this to me.

It's weird, man. Maybe it was meant as a joke as the shopkeeper's price don't seem that strange to me.

Maybe it was a gag or something. I have no idea. And that's really it for this town. I can't prepare for the Gym here because the Leader died two years earlier, and there was no plan for this. I do want to explore beyond, but I have some grinding to do. There's a Trainer blocking the way, so I have to get ready to battle her before I continue ahead.

Before I end this here, I have also been considering doing a Text Play series of another Pokémon fan game I enjoy: Pokémon Insurgence. But I have a bit of a dilemma going here. You see, I have done two Let's Play videos in the past, so go on from there, right? Well, since I last did one of those, the game was completed (The game was unfinished when I made them), and here's the dilemma. The game is now done, and part of me wants to start the game from the very beginning, now that it's finally finished. I'm not sure what to do. Any thoughts would be helpful.

See you next time! Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this short little entry!

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