Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mario Tennis Aces Announcement, My Thoughts

A new Nintendo Direct recently hit, and among the announcements it had, was one for a new game in the Mario Tennis series. The series has been around since the days of the Virtual Boy, and is also known for debuting the character Waluigi. The series has had a release on every piece of hardware Nintendo has put out since 1995, both console and handheld. Naturally, the Switch would also get a game, and here is the announcement.

Gotta say, the game looks beautiful.

Over 15 playable characters, huh? I wonder if we'll get more for DLC. And it's kind of funny to me that they made a Chain Chomp a playable character.

I do like that this game allows for up to four players at once. Would make doubles a lot of fun, and allows you to pick the play style you prefer: Joy-cons attached or unattached, Pro Controller, that kind of thing.

Ooh, I can imagine the racket breaking will lead to some Joy-Cons getting thrown in fits of frustration.

Zone Shots seem easy to abuse. Glad they kept that in mind.

The Trick Shot effects are cool. I can imagine them also being accompanied by the sound effect from Six Million Dollar Man when Steve Austin used his bionics.

The Special Shot would be good as a "Finisher", as it were.

Online Multiplayer! Yes!

Basic Rules would be a great way to practice and sharpen skills.

New characters, huh? That's an interesting incentive for playing online, but I can see that backfiring, too. And that is clearly a Koopa Troopa.

Awesome! A story mode! I like story modes!

Wow. They must be confident in this game if they're holding a pre-launch tournament.

Well, this game seems like it will be a ton of fun! I've never really played the Mario sports games, but I'll give this a, well...shot!

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