Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 Trailer, My Thoughts

When it comes to Mega Man, the original series is not the only one that's getting collected for the Switch. The Mega Man X series is coming to the Switch, too. This series, focusing on the adventures of the robot called X in the far future of the Mega Man universe, was a very popular little spin-off, spawning 11  games from 1994 to 2001 (In the US). And some of them are coming to the Switch! Let's take a look!

That Mega Man X title screen music is so catchy. I still play it in my head every so often. Yeah, I've only played the first Mega Man X. I remember getting frustrated over the difficulty.

The first collection has Mega Man X 1-4. I do like the music playing in this part. Is it from the first stage of Mega Man X? Before the stage select screen.

And the second is collecting 5-8. I wonder why it's not including Command Mission and the two Xtreme games. They're part of the series as well. And I heard X7 is not very good.

I don't really see the point of the hi-res filter mode.

I do like the Gallery and Music Player features, though. Those are neat.

We get a film focusing on Sigma's origins, huh? That's neat. And OLD COMMERCIALS, too?! AWESOME! I love that idea! I want to see those old commercials and trailers!

I also think we'll get a look at all the various official merch of the X series. Action figures, t-shirts and the like. I would not be surprised if there was quite a bit of it.

X-Challenge, huh? A new mode is always a nice addition. I do like that you can fight two Mavericks (The X series' Robot Master bosses) at once. I can imagine some of them would help make it easier.

If you ever played the first Mega Man X game and fought this guy, you'll get what I mean. If you do not get the joke, Spark Mandrill here was regarded as a rather easy boss to beat if you got the proper weapon to beat him (Shotgun Ice from Chill Penguin).

Well, I think this is pretty neat. I've never really played the X series, but I think it looks like it will be a great primer for those who want to get into it. It's not really complete, but it does have most of the games. I'll give it a looksee myself, if only so I can play Mega Man X on the go. I'll give the others a try, though.

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