Friday, February 16, 2018

Xeodrifter Trailer, My Thoughts

I once said the Nintendo Switch will probably have one of the strongest libraries in video game history. Not just because of the first-party games and the ports, but also the indie games coming to the system. And another one is here. Say hello to Xeodrifter.

The trailer begins with a spaceship coming to a planet. I'm guessing it went to the red planet because it has that awesome diner. Yeah, the Freon Fries and the Betelgeuse Burgers there are to die for, especially when you wash them down with a cool Cesium Chocolate Shake.

I like the soundtrack. It's like the Metroid series soundtrack and retro new wave had a baby.

Our astronaut player character is fighting Robot? Monster robot? It's a big cubic thing with a laser-shooting eyeball on it. I'm guessing that's what happens when one lets tofu get moldy. I wouldn't know, I never had tofu.

Does the astronaut turn into a submarine when he jumps in the water? How does that work? Is the astronaut a Transformer?

Evidently Piranha Plants have found their way to this game. They are weeds, alright. With teeth.

Ooh, you can jump into the background. That's neat. I imagine that is done to maybe solve some puzzles.

I have to admit, I like the general look of the game. It feels like an 8-bit Metroidvania game on steroids.

This game looks like a ton of fun!

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