Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer #2, My Thoughts.

A few months ago, the first trailer to the sequel of the film Ant-Man, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe's 20th film, Ant-Man and the Wasp, was released. I gave my thoughts on that trailer here. Now, there's a second trailer out! Let's take a look!

The trailer begins with little Cassie Lang asking her dad Scott how long he has been the MCU's second Ant-Man. Not very long, as the last film shows. He claims he stumbled into it, but really, Hank Pym wanted to recruit him.

Ha ha, he's using a truck like a skateboard.

Aww, Cassie wants to be a superhero, too. Don't you worry, Cass. In the comics, you get to be one.

Scott feels like he's a bit of a screw-up. Considering the events of Civil War, one can't blame him. Although he did fine in his own film, stopping Yellowjacket and all that. I think he's a bit hard on himself. Cassie suggests he get a partner to fight bad guys with. Someone to watch his back. Good thing Hope Van Dyne is there, then.

I love that bit with Hope beating up those bad guys in the car. Really helps sell the idea that Hope has been training herself her whole life to fight crime. Heck, I can imagine she secretly was training herself in using the Pym Particles in combat as well. Really shows here.

Luis and the gang went legit! Good for them! Hank's been exploring the Quantum Realm, huh? Makes sense. Considering the last film, I bet he's got renewed hope that Janet is still out there.

And we have the Ghost. Ghost looks awesome.

...Hope has not been helping train Scott, has she?

The Ghost is so high right now...

Taken down by a giant saltshaker. That man is so going to get laughed at in prison.

Hey, Cassie's giant ant has taken up the drums! Maybe she'll start a giant insect band.

Hey, Lawrence Fishburne! Everything is better with Lawrence Fishburne!


Not surprised there would be a "size comparing" joke at some point.

Well, I'm excited. I'm guessing this film will give an idea where Ant-Man was during the events of Avengers: Infinity War, as this film will be set between that one and Captain America: Civil War. People have wondered where Ant-Man went off to. I think this film will provide a fun answer. I definitely will be watching this. I loved the first Ant-Man, so I think the sequel will be awesome, too.

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